Mars and Rover Curiosity Resources and Lessons

All attention is on Mars with the latest landing of the Curiosity Rover!  On this page, you will find a myriad of links to websites dedicated to Mars, as well as Lesson Plan resources for all ages and grades!  Join the Homeschool Learning Network in exploring Mars through these fabulous and diverse resources!





Follow Your Curiosity - NASA Curiosity Main Page
This page is your jumping off point for many of the links below. Explore the mission, find student and teacher resources, read press releases and diaries, play games, and much more! Dial in to the links below for more specific resources.

NASA Curiosity Image Gallery
Go here to find the full NASA Curiosity Image Gallery, with hundreds of detailed, high resolution images.

NASA On Mars, What's New Page
Here you will find all press releases for NASA's Mars Projects -- the current press releases relate to Curiosity, but you can also drill deeper to look at older press releases for previous missions.

NASA Curiosity Videos
On this page, you will find quick links at multiple resolutions for all videos that have been released for the Mars Curiosity Project and beyond!

Mars for Kids
This page has been specifically set up for elementary children! You can find games here: Mars Adventure, Mars Word Find, and Your Weight on Mars. You will also find some more links to educational resources, and a place to ask questions of NASA scientists.

Mars Events Around the Country
On this page you will find a list of US States as well as other Countries that are holding local events related to Mars and the Mars Curiosity Mission. See if there are any events near you!

Mars for Educators
This site is NASA's repository of lesson plans about Mars, with a new set of additions for 2012! This set is a very detailed set of science lessons related to Mars, and is the basis for the Homeschool Learning Network's Mars Project.

Mars for Students
This site has two main links, and a series of other links that help students further their science education. The first link is to "Imagine Mars" (K-8) Student Gallery, and a description of the projects kids can do, and the second is "Mars Exploration Student Data Teams" for grades 9-12.

All About Mars
This is a great NASA site that provides articles written for students in simple terms, with short pages of information about all aspects of Mars. Learn Quick Facts, a page about Mars in Pop Culture, and another set of pages related to finding Mars in the Night Sky.


Enchanted Learning - Mars, the Red Planet
A comprehensive summary of Mars facts with links to other learning centers

Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) Science Investigation
The investigation's public Web page has many great facts and interesting images of the Martian landscape.

Windows to the Universe - Mars
Facts, tours, images, and news from Mars from the University Corporation for Atmospheric research at the University of Michigan.

Martian Sun Times
This site provides several links for you to explore presented as investigations and Webquests.

Malin Space Center
This Special Focus on Seasons of Mars is a great tool for students to practice their analytical skills.

Mars Academy
An online Mars learning center with extensive curricula for a variety of topics related to the design of a manned mission to Mars.

Live from Earth and Mars
A NASA sponsored K-12 educational site with foci on Mars and the Pathfinder mission. Great pictures.

Mars Rocks! WebQuest
our job in this WebQuest is to learn all about Mars rocks. You will learn about the planet Mars and about space missions to Mars of the past, present, and future.

Introduction to Mars WebQuest
We have sent more probes and landers to Mars than any other planet. These probes have changed Mars from, in the words of one scientist in 1971, “the Moon with polar caps” to a vibrant, changing world. Before you can develop a Mars project, you need to understand the planet. This WebQuest will help you start to understand Mars.

MarsQuest Online
On this site you can launch a spacecraft to Mars, Explore its Volcanoes and Canyons, solve mysteries about the search for life on the Red Planet, and explore the latest rover images.

Mars Robot WebQuest
Your team has a mission: to create and program a robot that will help support life on Mars. The objective of your robot design may be to explore the landscape of Mars or your robot may be designed to assist the Martian colonists in their habitat. (Note: Students must be familiar with Lego Mindstorms RoboLab program to complete the programming portion of this webquest.)

Destination Mars Lesson Plan
From Discovery Education, students in grades 6-8 will learn about transportation needed to complete a manned mission to Mars.

Mars Mobiles Lesson Plan
From National Geographic, this lesson plan for students in grades K-2 introduces the basic features of the Mars landscape. Students will compare the landscapes of Mars and Earth and create mobiles showcasing some of the features of the Martian landscape.

Path to Mars
From Discovery Education, students in grades K-5 will learn about the similar geographic features between Earth and Mars, and how these features may be useful for supporting life on both planets.

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