Free Homeschool Resources

The Homeschool Learning Network's mission is to provide low-cost, organized resources, curriculum and community utilizing the power of the Internet.  Towards that goal, we have collected the following free resources available not only to free or upgraded HLN Community members, but also to the public.  We hope you find these resources helpful to you in relation to your homeschooling or education goals!


New to Homeschooling
Find answers to the most common questions about homeschooling here, along with related articles and links to learn more about each topic.

Homeschooling Newsletters
hether you would like to join our newsletter, or would like to find other related homeschooling newsletters, this is a growing list of what is available to you.

Homeschooling Links
What are the major homeschooling sites out there?  What are the major educational sites out there to aid in your homeschooling?  Find them on this page!

Homeschooling Methods
What homeschooling method is right for you?  Do you understand the difference?  Navigate here to read about the ten most popular ways to homeschool.

Homeschooling News and Articles
With so many great homeschool e-magazines out there and so many places to learn more about the culture of homeschooling, it is easy to get lost on the web!  HLN has compiled a list of top articles about homeschooling here, and we plan to grow this list of new articles as they become available.

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