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June 3 - August 26, 2012

Join a Book Club, cook in the Mess Hall, take a nature walk, and much more! Over 100 activities to choose from within the following five cabins!


The Arts & Crafts Cabin

Pinhole Cameras!
Use common materials to make homemade pinhole cameras.


Fruit & Veggie Printing
Use fruit and vegetables as printing blocks to make pictures.


Making Marionettes
Learn how to make a marionette or two, and then put on a show.


Father's Day Coupons
Show your creativity and love with this coupon book perfect for dads.


Versatile Recycling Crafts
Recycle household bottles to make unique homemade, practical gifts.


Family Tree & Coat of Arms
Chart your ancestry and create your own Coat of Arms to celebrate your heritage.

Homemade Stationery
Learn about making decorative stationery.


Tissue Carnations
Make these carnations that look real enough to fool Mom.


Many, Many Magnets
Create handmade gifts using small magnets or self-adhesive strips.


Fun with Painting!
Fun projects to learn how to paint like the Masters!


Making Masks
Design and make a mask like those worn in ancient times.


Design Your Own Castle
Follow the plans to design a castle for Baron William de Clare

The Mess Hall


Safe & Healthy
Mandarin, Szechuan, Cantonese, Dim Sum...


Chinese Cooking
Learn basic food safety tips and nutrition facts to keep you healthy.


Japanese Cooking
Age, Nimono, Yaki, Tsukemono...


Asian Cooking
Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian...


South American Cooking
Explore some delicious recipes from South America!


African Cooking
Explore some delicious recipes from Africa!

French Cooking
Explore some gourmet recipes from France!


Italian Cooking
Explore some delicious recipes from Italy!


Greek Cooking
Explore some delicious recipes from Greece!


Mexican Cooking
Explore some delicious recipes from Mexico, then have a fiesta!


American Cooking
Cajun, Southwestern, Southern, New England...


Family Cooking
Learn about fun recipes the whole family can create!

The Foreign Exchange Cabin


Exotic Places: Hawaii
Visit this tropical polynesian paradise, full of unique wildlife and exploding volcanoes!


Exotic Places: Alaska
Alaska has unique cultures, wildlife, vegetation, and lifestyles. Come Explore!


Exotic Places: Costa Rica
Visit the wilds of the Costa Rica rain forests and learn about the fascinating small country.


Great Cities: Paris
The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and more!


Great Cities: Rome
The colosseum, the Roman Forum, and more!


Great Cities: New York City
The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and more!

Grand Adventures: An African Safari!
What kind of animals will YOU find?


Grand Adventures: To the Mountains!
Travel to the tops of the highest mountains of the world!


Grand Adventures: Into the Amazon!
Deep in the rain forest, you will find the most amazing creatures!


Time Travel: Great Wonders
Explore the Great Wonders of the Ancient World!


Time Travel: Ancient Aztecs
Come and learn all about the Aztec Empire!


Time Travel: Ancient Mayans
The Mayan culture is one of the most fasci-nating ancient cultures in history!

The Library


Mystery/Adventure Reading Guides
Find Reading Lists and Literature Guides to help you get started.


Mystery/Adventure WebQuests & Hunts
Follow an online adventure project to learn more about mystery literature.


Mystery/Adventure Writer's Corner
Learn some mystery writing skills with some mysterious activities!


Sci-Fi / Fantasy Reading Guides
Find Reading Lists and Literature Guides to help you get started.


Sci-Fi / Fantasy WebQuests & Hunts
Follow an online adventure project to learn more about sci-fi / fantasy literature.


Sci-Fi / Fantasy Writer's Corner
Learn some sci-fi / fantasy writing skills with some intriguing activities!

Humor Reading Guides
Find Reading Lists and Literature Guides to help you get started.


Humor WebQuests & Hunts
Follow online projects and lessons to learn more about humor and laughter!


Humor Writer's Corner
Learn some humor writing skills with some funny activities!


Inspirational Reading Guides
Find Reading Lists and Literature Guides to help you get started.


Inspirational WebQuests & Hunts
Follow these online projects to learn more about inspirational literature.


Inspirational Writer's Corner
Learn some affective writing skills with some inspiring activities!

The Nature Trails


Balloons & Zeppelins...
What are filled with air, come in various shapes and sizes, and float high in the sky? Balloons!


Locate easy to recognize constellations and planets that even beginners can find.


Plan a dig, find artifacts, collect data, then excavate, clean and catalog them.


Meet the Reptiles!
What don't you know about reptiles? Check out these fun activities to find out!


Come with us this week to explore the wet and wild world of amphibians!


At the Beach
Grab your pails and shovels as we head to the beach to find some fun activites and crafts!

Let's Go Fly A Kite!
Learn about the many surprising uses of kites in historical and modern times.


All About Tennis
Tennis can be enjoyed by players of any level of skill and you can play it your entire life.


Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Baseball is so popular in America it is called "the national pastime."


Bikes are environmentally friendly and offer great exercise opportunities.


Swimming and Water Safety
Learn about swimming safely, and how to have fun in the water.


Boats and Sailing
From small canoes to large ships, boats have been a source of transportation for thousands of years.

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