36 Week K-12 Curriculum

Once you are a member of the Curriculum Upgrade Community, you will have access to ala carte curriculum resources such as unit studies, lesson plans, and worksheets.  In addition, you can also be guided, week-by-week, through curriculum, either by grade or by theme.

Below is a summary of both our thematic curricula and our structured curriculum.

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Thematic Units

Use our weekly unit studies, grade-specific workplans and worksheets to learn about specific themes. Each unit study includes background information, resources, and 6-8 lessons. We provide weekly suggestions for themes, but you may choose any theme from our archive of over 300 themes at any time!

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Structured K-12 Curriculum

Follow our 36-week structured learning pages for grades K-12 to learn week-by-week for your specific child's grade. Your child can learn at his or her own pace and academic level.

Learn More About Each Grade's 36-Week Structured Curriculum:



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