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Understanding the Curriculum Included with the Curriculum Upgrade Plan...

36-Week K-12 Curriculum Overview

As a member of the Curriculum Upgrade Plan, you have access to structured Curriculum for grades K through 12, which includes a 36 week program corresponding to the 180-day school year.  Each week, you will find listed topics and resources to learn about specific subjects throughout the school year.  It is up to you and your family to cover, complete, and grade the material available to you.

We suggest that you use the Blog feature in your Profile to track your child's work, or use your own grading and portfolio system for documenting your children's work.  HLN does not currently have an internal grading system, and we do not provide teachers to grade student work.  We believe that YOU are your children's best evaluator of their work, and this also allows us to keep membership fees affordable for all homeschooling families.

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36- Week Courses

Over the last year, HLN has released 36-Week Courses for Middle School and High School Math.  This year (2012-2013) we are releasing Middle School Science Courses in August, 2012.  Future plans include releasing a full curriculum of Courses in all subject areas for grades 6-12, as well as core courses for Elementary grades.

HLN utilizes e-book course content using Pearson Education Materials.  In order to have e-book access, each course requires a small book fee to access the e-book, and subscribers then have access to that content for a full year.  Use the link below to explore all courses that are currently available, including specific learning objectives for each week.

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