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The Home School Learning Network... an affordable, dynamic online K-12 curriculum service that allows home educators and teachers to access thousands of unit studies, lesson plans, and worksheets. In addition, our learning environment offers a collaborative environment where educators can communicate and interact. 

Our History 
The Home School Learning Network was conceived in 2001 by president and CEO, Patricia Carnabuci Inman. As an original founder of Education World she conceived of HLN as an affordable solution for home educators in their search for quality online resources to teach their children. Bringing together a passionate team of founders who had previously built Education World, HLN was released as a subscription-based collaborative community and curriculum center in the fall of 2001. Its first goal was to reach out to home educators. 

Since its release in 2001, the resurgence of homeschooling has continued to be the focus of interest for much of the country. In addition, HLN began to get the attention of the e-school community at large. Therefore, for the 2012-2013 academic year, HLN has launched a free homeschool community, where e-schools and homeschool members can interact and share projects and ideas.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to enhance the education experience for 1) homeschoolers and 2) educators as a whole by providing a safe, interactive community where learners of all ages can gain the knowledge, skills, and empowerment that will equip them for life in the 21st Century. 

What We're Doing to Meet Our Mission 

The Internet provides billions of opportunities for learning and skill-building, buried on remote servers throughout the world. The journey to and through the Internet can be overwhelming and even dangerous. Our experienced team of professionals have created a safe, nurturing, and creative learning environment where parents. teachers, and students are guided in their use of this vast resource. The Home School Learning Network provides a wealth of lessons and a complete set of homeschool learning essentials that will afford each homeschooler the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential. 

About Our Founders 

Patricia Carnabuci Inman, President and Executive Producer
Patricia Carnabuci conceived the Home School Learning Network in the spring of 2001 through her deep knowledge of the K12 online education industry and her passion for creating educational resources. She saw the growing need of home educators to find and use the wealth of valuable tools available online. Ms. Carnabuci comes to us after her 6-year role as founder and Executive Producer of Education World (, a nationally renowned K12 education portal, and has been deeply involved in every aspect of online education since the Web's beginning. At Education World, Ms. Carnabuci was responsible for the production and integration of daily content as well as creating and supervising the conceptual design and implementation of over 20,000 pages of education-related resources. Currently, she is faculty at the University of Phoenix Online, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in technology, the Internet and the Web.

Ellen Peterson, Director of Library Services
Ellen Peterson brings a strong background in children's and young adult services from a diverse career in public, school, and digital libraries. As a public librarian, Ms. Peterson played an important role in the education of homeschoolers, a consistently large percentage of library patrons. She joined HLN in part to "give something more" to homeschoolers by creating a special online library, specifically geared to homeschool learners. Ms. Peterson also works with a small publishing company where she selects and disseminates personal growth and inspirational literature for young adults. 

Lois Lewis, Curriculum Development
Lois Lewis joins the HLN team with a background in online education, educational publishing and classroom teaching. Most recently, Ms. Lewis was the Lesson Plan Editor for the educational Web site Education World, where her responsibilities included creating practical learning activities, writing articles on current issues in education, and editing teacher-submitted materials. For nine years, Ms. Lewis was an editor and a writer for the Weekly Reader Corporation, publisher of numerous classroom periodicals. She also directed the company's partnership/outreach program to local schools and managed an annual national student video-production competition. As a classroom teacher, Ms. Lewis taught learning disabled students in self-contained and resource settings for nine years in Chicago, Illinois. She has presented workshops to teachers on Web literacy and on using the newspaper in the classroom, and has also served as a board member of a local Montessori school. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to help develop new learning resources for the homeschool community. Ms. Lewis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, and a Master of Arts degree in Learning Disabilities from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Dr. Marie Perri, Curriculum Development
Marie Perri joins the HLN Curriculum Development team with an extensive array of skills as a scientist, educator, and instructional design specialist. She received a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania and was awarded a fellowship to continue her research at Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey, California. Throughout, Marie has applied her own learning skills to development of educational programs for a wide variety of learning settings, from formal classroom teaching experience at the college, high school, and K-8 levels to experiential education programs for the public and private schools. As Subject Center Manager of the popular educational resource site, Education World, she applied her knowledge of scientific technology to research needs of teaching community for the development of resource tools for educators of all disciplines. Marie continues to use each teaching experience to further her skills as an educator and to guide her design of curricula that stimulate a diverse array of learning styles. She will be applying this background to the development of innovative and quality resources for the Homeschool Community.

Nancy Ooki, Curriculum Development
Nancy Ooki draws from a background of education and technology. During a 5-year period with Education World, she was responsible for research and production in many areas of the site including traditional education trends, alternative education development, and the role of technology in education. She combined this work with a position as a public elementary school computer lab leader, which gave her practical experience with technology in education. She has a degree in Technical Communication from Purdue University and a Master's in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University. Mrs. Ooki is enthusiastic about the opportunity to combine her two passions -- education and technology -- to provide an atmosphere for others to do the same, while empowering our children to succeed.

Laurie Furumoto, Curriculum Development
Laurie Furumoto has an extensive background in education and has taught both in the classroom and as a specialist teacher in a variety of settings in Hawaii, the West Coast, and Canada. Her extensive training in arts-based education includes a degree in Waldorf Education. Ms. Furumoto first became involved in homeschooling in the early 1980s. She believes very strongly in the advantages of homeschooling for families willing to make the commitment. Ms. Furumoto has been involved in Internet-based education since 1996, when she was hired by Education World as a researcher, writer, and developer. At Education World she developed a comprehensive set of resource sections on collaborative projects, homeschooling, parenting, early childhood education, counseling, and special education. Ms. Furumoto has helped to found alternative schools, and she is now excited to be involved with homeschooling as both a parent of a young child and as an educator.

Valerie Guarini, Curriculum Development
Valerie Guarini has been a school library information specialist for over 20 years. She has also taught middle and high school Language Arts and English in both public and private schools. Ms. Guarini is no stranger to public libraries: she has served as a reference librarian, adult and children's services coordinator, periodicals department manager and branch library manager for several Northwest libraries. Homeschoolers were regular patrons at the public libraries and were welcomed at her school libraries. She is currently the librarian at Kamalii Elementary in Kihei, Hawaii. Ms. Guarini was one of the developers of the Oregon School Library Information System, an online system that teaches students information literacy skills. She has taken a leadership role in establishing curriculum standards in her schools and has served on county and statewide reading, language arts and technology committees. Ms. Guarini graduated from Long Island University with a B.A. in English and Secondary Education. She received her Masters of Library Science from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and has continued her own education with credits beyond her graduate degree - primarily in information technology and education. She feels all children should be prepared to take full advantage of the Information Age. Her goal is help children become lifelong, discerning users of information.

Nancy Lynn Kleban, Curriculum Development
Nancy Lynn Kleban joins our staff with a background in publishing and a master's degree in library and information science, that included a focus on educational technology and teaching information technology literacy. She was a founding partner of Abracadabra Design & Typography in California, and has worked as a librarian at the Kihei Public Library and at Maui Community College Library. She teaches classes at Maui Community College designed to guide beginners to and through the vast ocean of online resources.

Tony Buczynski, Technology Development
Tony Buczynski holds a M.Ed. as a Media Specialist and has worked for a variety of media companies in management positions over the last 20 years. He recently served as the Online Publication Manager and then the Themes Channel Manager for the educational website Education World. In this position, he helped spearhead a number of projects including compiling a database of lesson plans, compiling National and States Educational Standards, and developing a Teaching Calendar for Educators. 

Kathleen McCarthy, Administrative Management
Kathleen McCarthy has many years of experience in office administration and management. She came to us via Education World where she was responsible for office management and administration, process control and regulation, and subscription services.

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