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Ancient and World History Unit Studies

Choose from 20 unit studies available for purchase through the HLN E-Bay Store! Once purchased, unit studies are sent via email in PDF format.

Ancient China - $3.95
China today is the world's largest populated country and the third largest in area. The Chinese civilization is the world's oldest with a vast history documented as far back as 3,500 years. In this unit, we will learn about ancient Chinese dynasties and ancient Chinese religion, writing, food, folklore, geography and government.

Ancient Rome - $3.95
Nearly 3,000 years ago a small community of shepherds relocated to northern and central Italy. They formed a tiny settlement that grew into a colossal empire. Join HLN as we discover how the ancient Romans developed a monarchial settlement into a large republic and see the influence of the Romans on architecture, government, and western civilization.

Egyptian Art & Architecture - $3.95
Ancient Egyptians were wonderful artists and architects. Modern man with all of his technologies has yet to repeat many of their accomplishments! Come and explore the art and architecture of Ancient Egypt with us!

Elizabethan Renaissance - $3.95
Step back in time 400 years to the Elizabethan Renaissance in England, to the time when Shakespeare wrote his greatest works, Sir Francis Drake jauntily circumnavigated the globe, and the New World was still a boundless frontier waiting to be explored and settled.

Explorers Part 1 - $3.95
In medieval Europe, the boundaries of the known world were very small. Great explorers such as Marco Polo and Columbus forever changed society's understanding of geography through their explorations and discoveries. In this first part of a two part series, learn more about these brave explorers with cross-curriculum lessons and activities!

Explorers Part 2 - $3.95
The desire to explore the unknown has existed since the beginning of time! It is the fuel that drives a love for learning. This unit examines the history of exploration with lessons in character education, science, art and literature. Join us on this cross-curricular adventure!

Greek Art & Architecture - $3.95
Greek artists experimented with new techniques and new concepts in art, and their examples have withstood through the generations and have influenced Western civilization up to the present day! Come and see how many of the art pieces you see today have their roots in Greece!

Medieval Life - $3.95
Medieval times followed the end of the Classical age of Greece and Rome. Eastern Rome began to fall apart; Byzantium survived with attacks from Middle Eastern tribes. Much of Europe had to fend for themselves, and learn to defend themselves. Come explore this tumultuous time in World History!

Roman Art & Architecture - $3.95
The Romans built thousands of miles of roadways that lead from Rome to places that they conquered. Their roads were so well built that any of them survive to this day. The Romans also built huge theaters, colosseums, and places of worship. They used the arch and invented the dome, cement, and concrete! Come and learn more about these fascinating architects and artists!

South America History - $3.95
South America is the world's fourth largest continent, located in the southern part of the Western Hemisphere. Twelve countries and one overseas department make up this important land mass. Join HLN as we explore this unique and diverse continent in a two-part unit. In part one, take part in our study of some of the rich history of South America.

Ancient Greece - $3.95
Do you ever wonder where and when democracy, science, philosophy, architecture and astrology began? In this unit, we will explore an ancient civilization that flourished centuries before us!

The Ancient Aztecs - $3.95
The Aztec Empire grew rapidly from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century. By 1519, the Aztec population was estimated to be well over 4 million! The capital city was full of great palaces, beautiful gardens, sparkling water fountains and a marketplace filled with foods and goods. Come and learn all about the Aztec Empire, how it grew and flourished, and how it was conquered in 1521.

Early Italian Renaissance - $3.95
The Early Italian Renaissance was a true rebirth of art and culture. At its height masters like Brunelleschi, Donatello and Botticelli created some of the most revolutionary art in history. Join HLN as we discover the ways that this period forever changed the way we look at art.

High Italian Renaissance - $3.95
The High Renaissance only lasted for a brief period (c.1495-1520) under the genius of a few great artists-Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Raphael and Titian. Join HLN as we explore these great masters who changed the course of art history!

Ancient Mayan Culture - $3.95
Welcome to the wonderful, colorful and intriguing world of the Maya civilization. The Maya developed a precise calendar, a sophisticated written language of hieroglyphs and were noted for elaborate and highly decorated ceremonial architecture, including temple pyramids, palaces and observatories where they plotted the movements of the planets. Learn more in this Unit!

Ancient Egypt - $3.95
In this unit, we will discover ancient times as far back as 5000 B.C. (Before Christ or Before Current era) and take you on a journey into Ancient Egypt with many diverse lessons on culture, history, geography, legends, and art.

The History of Aviation - $3.95
Flying has been a source of curiosity for people throughout the centuries. Humankind has tried to take off the ground for centuries! It began with kites and balloons, and has grown to gliders, airplanes, and helicopters. Learn about the history of aviation and how the Wright Brothers' flying machine in this cross-curricular unit.

The Vikings - $3.95
Come sail the seas with the some of the most fearsome seamen of all time - the Vikings! Learn about their history, culture, and their gentler side as traders, farmers, and skilled craftsmen.

World War II - Europe - $3.95
In September 1939 the German army invaded Poland, starting World War II-the cruelest and most devastating war in the history of the world. It is known by historians as "the war to end all wars," yet today many young people know little about WWII. Use these lessons to help your children comprehend the scope and magnitude of this catastrophic event in world history.

World War II - The Pacific - $3.95
December 7th is Pearl Harbor Day-commemorating the many lives lost by American servicemen during the surprise attack that brought the United States into WWII. Learn more with these lessons about that tragic day and the events that followed.

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